AMINOR network – AMINOR provides a forum that stimulates discussions among the research scientists and the graduate students. The forum promotes the development of a strong multidisciplinary research network on the integration of monitoring, research, and management in the North, but aims also at providing a place for discussing specific models and methods.

AMINOR research school - The AMINOR research school is a cluster of collaborating researchers that trains and educates PhD and master students in a dynamic teaching environment. Besides offering scientific training, the research school offers a package of relevant university courses as well as regular seminars and workshops.

AMINOR workshops – AMINOR holds 3-4 workshops/year that take the form of group discussions between researchers, students, and managers. In the workshops, different monitoring systems are reviewed and evaluated, with the purpose to learn from successes and mistakes and to develop ideas for improvements. Some of these workshops are held intensively over few days, while shorter specific workshops are held throughout the year.

AMINOR seminar series - AMINOR offers seminar that are held by both research scientists that are members of AMINOR as well as non-members, which shared other management experiences with different monitoring systems. The seminars covered a balanced diversity of themes, including climate, terrestrial ecosystems, marine ecosystems, freshwater ecosystems, and the integration of these systems with society.


UiT - the Arctic University of Norway
UiT - the Arctic University of Norway
UiT - the Arctic University of Norway
Norwegian Institute for Nature Research
Norwegian Polar Institute