AMINOR holds 2-3 workshops per year that take the form of group discussions where students, researchers, and invited guests gather to deepen knowledge on specific topics that are of interest to most researchers within the FRAM Centre. The workshops cover a balanced diversity of themes, including climate, terrestrial ecosystems, marine ecosystems, freshwater ecosystems, and the integration of these systems with society, with a particular focus on study designs, analytical methods, theoretical development, and conceptual advances.


Most of these workshops are held intensively over few days, while shorter specific workshops can also be held throughout the year. Members can attend some of these workshops through videoconferencing. The workshops can take three different forms:


  1. Learning workshop: guests are invited to teach a topic for the members
  2. Conceptual workshop: guests are invited to give seminars and discuss further the topics covered through panel debates or group discussions
  3. Combined workshop: first a learning part, allowing people to learn the basis or get updated, followed by a conceptual part, allowing people already knowledgeable on the topic to only join for discussing conceptual advances.


To receive notifications for upcoming workshops, you need to sign-up to the AMINOR Slack workspace and adding the channel “workshops” (see here for how to add a channel).