COAT related publications from the SUSTAIN project

Published on: 9. February 2022

SUSTAIN was a nationally coordinated research project funded by the Research Council of Norway during 2015-2021. The project included three geographic nods (research groups): Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis (CEES) in Oslo, Centre for Biodiversity Dynamics (CBD) in Trondheim and COAT in Tromsø. A SUSTAIN special issue of the journal Climate Research has now been published. 

COAT related publications from the SUSTAIN project

SUSTAIN’s main objective was to study the combined effect of climate change and harvesting on population of fish, birds and mammals in Arctic and boreal ecosystems. The Tromsø node was responseible for two of SUSTAIN’s work packages. One applied a food web perspective much based on COAT’s conceptual “module models” for terrestrial species in Finnmark and in Svalbard. The paper of Mellard et al. in the Climate Research issue proves an overview of these studies, while the paper by Henden et al. analyses how climate variation and food web interactions affect the productivity of semi-domestic reindeer herds in Finnmark. The other work package under the responsibility of the Tromsø node focused on the implementation of active end-user involvements in climate ecological research. The experience from this work package is summarized by Hamel et al.. It is important bring these experiences into COAT, which also aspired to have user-involvements in several of its modules.