Rodent-plant interactions are temporally variable

Rodent abundance during population peaks in the tundra is highly variable. In a new study COAT researchers attempted to use data from one peak to predict where the rodents would be most abundant during the next peak.

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Winter fieldwork in COAT

March and April are the months for winter fieldwork in COAT. The yearly monitoring of snow conditions have been conducted in Varanger, and automatic acustic recorders to monitor ptarmigans have been mounted at Svalbard.

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A new management action implemented in COAT Varanger Arctic fox module

On February 13, twenty-seven captive bred arctic foxes were released on the Varanger Peninsula as a new management action to prevent extinction of the species in northernmost Fennoscandia.

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Goose density influences predation on ground-nesting birds in Svalbard

The number of geese that spend the summer in Svalbard has increased in recent years. Geese nest on the ground, where their eggs and chicks are easy prey for arctic foxes. If goose colonies attract foxes, how might that affect the survival of other birds that nest on the tundra?

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Salvage logging of mountain birch after moth outbreaks

Outbreaks of defoliating geometrid moths have damaged thousands of square kilometres of mountain birch forest in northern Scandinavia during the last two decades. Salvage logging of damaged mountain birch stands has been discussed as a means of speeding up the regeneration of the forest.

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Reindeer keep shrubs in a browse trap

In a recently published paper in Ecological Applications, COAT researchers Bråthen & Ravolainen and colleagues show how reindeer management controls the climate-sensitive tundra state transition from open tundra grasslands to shrublands.

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Special issue on Arctic Fox Biology and Management

A special issue on Arctic Fox Biologi and Management is now out in Polar Research, Volume 36, 2017 with 5 papers from COAT researchers

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COAT in Fram Forum 2017

A new issue of Fram Forum is out, an annual popular science magazine published by the Fram Centre. This year’s issue feature four COAT articles: What is sustainable harvest when the climate is changing The Green Arctic – Plants as cornerstones in terrestrial ecosystems Goose density influences predation on ground-nesting bi...

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Surveying Arctic hotspots of biodiversity

Framshorts has published a video from COAT summer field campaign aboard R/V Lance.

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Fram Forum 2016 is out with a feature of COAT

Fram Forum , the annual popular science issue from the Fram Centre, is out and this years it contains a feature of COAT, to celebrate the startup of COAT Infrastructure .  The Research Council of Norway, and Tromsø Forskningsstiftelse  have granted a total of 45 mill NOK over the next 5 years to ensure the implementation of the research infra...

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