New algorithms for bio-acoustic monitoring of ptarmigan works very well
28. November 2022

After two years of collaboration with French bio-acousticians, the Ptarmigan module is now thoroughly testing the resulting algorithms for automatic detection/classification of Willow and Rock ptarmigan from our bio-acoustic monitoring on Varanger Peninsula.

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COAT has started a new experiment in the lower parts of Komag River
21. October 2022

In the Komag River, COAT have conducted an experiment which currently tests whether the crowberry plant affects algal growth in rivers.

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Arctic Fox conference in Svalbard
11. October 2022

The 6th International arctic fox conference was arranged by the Norwegian Polar Institute in Longyearbyen 26-29 August. The conference was held at the University Centre in Svalbard and had in total 69 participants, of which 24 were online, from 14 countries.

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COAT aims to give robust documentation and predictions on climate change impacts on biodiversity, natural resources and ecosystem processes in the Norwegian Arctic, as a basis for management interventions and adaptations.

Current activities
25. November 2022

The module has its annual meeting with its reference group where results and further plans are presented and discussed

23. May 2022
MSc Pedro Da Silva Nicolau (COAT Tools) will held his trail lecture and defend his thesis for the PhD degree in Natural Sciences Friday 3. June 2022, at UiT campus Tromsø. Trail lecture 10:00“The...