COAT works on integrating research with education at levels ranging from primary school to PhD courses. Through the university courses at UiT and UNIS, bachelor and master students are offered research-based education and training.

The interdisciplinary research school AMINOR provides integrated education in research, monitoring and management for PhD and MSc students. AMINOR currently provides two PhD-level courses at UiT and organizes annually several workshops and seminars on specific topics.

COAT Tools is an interdisciplinary research initiative where PhD students contribute to COAT by developing new methodology.

TUNDRA schoolnet is an ongoing research-based school project, which is a part of COAT’s outreach in local arctic communities. The main objectives of the TUNDRA Schoolnet are to promote knowledge and awareness about climate change and the arctic tundra ecosystem, and to establish a network for students and teachers.

Students at field course in Skibotn, Photo: Pia Boholm


Professor, UiT - Arctic university of Norway
Advisor, UiT - Arctic university of Norway