Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Program (CBMP)

The Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Program (CBMP) works to harmonize and integrate efforts to monitor the Arctic nature. Several COAT members participate through membership in the Terrestrial working groups Expert Networks.


In 2020, CBMP published a special issue of the journal AMBIO “Terrestrial Biodiversity in a Rapidly Changing Arctic” . This work synthetizes recent trends of arctic biodiversity, and presents the CBMP monitoring plans for future. 12 COAT researchers were authors of the papers, COAT data on rodents and ptarmigan contributed in the synthesis, and one of the papers presents the conceptual underpinning of the COAT moss tundra module. Below, we link to the papers that COAT has contributed to.


An introduction to the CBMP monitoring plan

A review of expected state changes of the High Arctic tundra, and presentation of the COAT moss tundra module

A review of changes in plant community composition and phenology

An overview of lemming monitoring and research activities, and assessment trends in lemming abundance:

An assessment of status and trends of Arctic ptarmigan populations

Synopsis of the main findings of the special issue


Contact persons

Researcher, Norwegian Polarinstitute
Researcher, UiT - Arctic University of Norway
Researcher, Norwegian Polarinstitute


Front page of AMBIO special issue.