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Data Use Policies

In COAT we aim to publish all research data unless limited by either privacy or license restrictions. This means that the majority of COAT data will be distributed under the Creative Commons Public License (CC BY 4.0). Our commitment to data access includes the provision of metadata to enable data users to assess the content and significance of the data they download, as well as codes necessary to produce the summary analyses, tables and plots that in time will be provided on the COAT web site. The COAT data portal is under continuous development, and new data sets are published regularly.

Any data generated by external users by means of COAT Infrastructure are also subject to the COAT open access data principle. This means that external users are required to publish the resulting data under an open license (CC-BY 4.0 or equivalent) following FAIR guiding principles for data management.

How to cite COAT data

All COAT data available in the COAT Data Portal are accompanied by a unique resource citation which should always be included when using the data.





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