COAT Varanger owns currently no facilities that can be accessed by external users.

Our snowmobiles and ATV's in Varanger can not be used by external users due to administrative regulations, but can be rented locally.

External projects that wish to conduct fieldwork in COAT Varanger field areas are recommended to contact COAT Varanger logistics responsible. To get advice on how to organize transport and overnighting in the study area.


There are different rules that regulates use of vehicles like ATV and snowmobile. In the Varanger Peninsula national park and other protected areas, it might also be necessary to have a permission for both biotic and abiotic sampling.

More information about regulations can be obtained from the COAT Varanger logistics responsible.


COAT does not provide Arctic Field Safety training but expects the applicant projects to handle this issue.


External users of the COAT field logistics are required to cover the necessary costs use of transport vehicles of field personnel or employ additional field personnel, maintenance of the equipment they use and field safety training.

Details will be provided here when COAT Varanger infrastructure is available for external users.

COAT Varanger logistics responsible

UiT - Arctic university of Norway
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Camera traps are part of the COAT data sampling system. Photo: Mike Murphy