COAT predicts this year’s ptarmigan density in Finnmark

COAT has modeled the population fluctuations of willow ptarmigan in Finnmark and looked at what influences changes in the population. The modeling is the result of a collaboration between COAT and several stakeholders, including the landowner Finnmarkseiendommen (FeFo).

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One more PhD in COAT

On 8th of June Eivind Kleiven has successfully defended his PhD thesis “ Population cycles in small rodents seen through the lens of a wildlife camera ".

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Fresh PhD in COAT

On the 3rd of June Pedro Da Silva Nicolau has successfully defended his PhD thesis “ Boreal rodents fluctuating in space and time. Tying the observation process to the modeling of seasonal population dynamics ".

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COAT aims to give robust documentation and predictions on climate change impacts on biodiversity, natural resources and ecosystem processes in the Norwegian Arctic, as a basis for management interventions and adaptations.

Current activities

: PhD defence in COAT Tools 3. June 2022.
By Leif Einar Støvern on 23.05.2022

MSc Pedro Da Silva Nicolau (COAT Tools)  will held his trail lecture and defend his thesis for the...

: PhD defence in COAT Tools 8. June 2022.
By Leif Einar Støvern on 13.05.2022

MSc in Science  Eivind Flittie Kleiven (COAT Tools and AMB)  will held his trail lecture and defend...