Moth outbreaks at Varanger peninsula have spread to salix shrub

In recent years there has been large moth outbreaks in the birch forest west of Vadsø, now the outbreaks have spread to salix shrub and several of the shrub areas east of Vadsø have been completely defoliated.  

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First recording of scarce umber moth in Northern-Finland

Every autumn since 1972, researchers from Kevo Subarctic Research Station (Univ. Turku), have been trapping moth and other butterflies in light traps. At the moment they are sorting the material from 2014, and guess what turned up? A scarce umber moth! This is the first ever recording of the species from Kevo and Inari Lapland, and the northernm...

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COAT CASE STORIES are short popular handouts from COAT covering a variety of topics related to COAT research and infrastructure development, field activities, monitoring methods or particular occurrences that we consider of broad interest. The first case story is about critical transistions in ecotone forests driven by pest outbreaks.

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Current activities

20 Several contributions from COAT in the Oikos 2018 ecology conference in Trondheim, February 20-22
By Ingrid Jensvoll on 20.02.2018

Jane Jepsen: Drivers of ecosystem state changes in sub-arctic birch forest: moth outbreaks and ...

13 Ministry of Climate and Environment
By Ingrid Jensvoll on 08.02.2018

Presentation of COAT for the Minister of Climate and Environment Ola Elvestuen in Vadsø

16 Svalbard Seminar Series
By Ingrid Jensvoll on 16.01.2018

Åshild Ønvik Pedersen is holding a lecture about COAT at the Svalbard Seminar Series

08 Norwegian Research Council
By Ingrid Jensvoll on 06.12.2017

Follow-up meeting regarding COAT infrastructure

21 Varanger National Park Board
By Ingrid Jensvoll on 21.11.2017

Meeting about permits for COAT infrastructure