The mission of the FRAM Centre is to contribute to the management and monitoring of environment and natural resources in the North, and to strengthen the connection between research and education. AMINOR is fully devoted to this goal, providing activities explicitly linking research and education across institutions. It is hosted by the Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics at UiT The Arctic University of Norway, but it is an inter-faculty school with the involvement of managers, researchers, professors, and students from many relevant science disciplines within UiT and the FRAM Centre. This includes diverse disciplines such as statistics, oceanography, meteorology, terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecology, economics and political/social science. The network is also international, including professors, researchers, and students from abroad.


The main goals of the AMINOR research network and research school are to train MSc and PhD students and to create a platform for developing competences for researchers within the FRAM Centre. To reach these goals, AMINOR provides opportunities for students and members of the FRAM Centre to continually develop their knowledge and competences on study designs, analytical methods, theoretical development, and conceptual advances through courses, workshops, and intensive discussions.