Dispersal movement of a COAT-instrumented Arctic fox went viral

Climate change is expected to impact area use and dispersal movements in Arctic animals, and this is best documented by means of satellite-transmitters. Such instruments equipped on species like reindeer and Arctic fox constitute therefore a component of COAT infrastructure , which are financed by the Research Council of Norway and Tromsø Rese...

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COAT researchers in lead of pan-Arctic assessments of status of lemming and ptarmigan populations

The working groups of the Arctic Council conduct periodic assessments of state of the Arctic environment. In 2013, COAT researcher led a comprehensive assessment of Arctic tundra ecosystem ( Ims et al. 2013 ). Now new assessments have been made for some circumpolarly distributed and ecologically important species groups in these ecosystems. Eva F...

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Declining tundra bird populations linked to Arctic greening

Many arctic bird populations have declined substantially during the last decades. Preliminary analyses in connection with the development of an ecosystem-based assessment system for Norwegian arctic tundra have shown that this also applies to COAT’s intensive monitoring sites in Varanger Peninsula. Many bird species are particularly vulnerable d...

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Current activities

: Presentation about COAT at Varangerbotn museum 23.02.
By Leif Einar Støvern on 05.03.2019

On Saturday 23.2. Jan Erik Knutsen was on the museum in Varangerbotn holding a presentation about C...

: Ecology conference in Tromsø
By Leif Einar Støvern on 05.03.2019

COAT was well represented at the Ecology conference - "Towards Policy-Relevant Ecology" held by t...

14.01.2019: SIOS Polar Night Week 14-18 January 2019
By Leif Einar Støvern on 14.12.2018

The first SIOS Polar Night Week (PNW) will take place in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, 14-18 January 20...

05.12.2018: Reference meeting COAT Arctic Fox module
By Leif Einar Støvern on 16.11.2018

The reference group gathers for their annual meeting to evaluate 2018

: Several contributions from COAT at the Arctic Biodiversity Congress
By Eeva Soininen on 10.10.2018

Several COAT members participate the Arctic Biodiversity Congress at Rovaniemi this week. We presen...