One more PhD in COAT

Published on: 13. June 2022

On 8th of June Eivind Kleiven has successfully defended his PhD thesis “Population cycles in small rodents seen through the lens of a wildlife camera".

One more PhD in COAT

Eivind during the defence. Photo: Julia Mikhailova

His work focused on the use of camera trap tunnels tailored for small mammals – a cost-efficient and non-invasive method for wildlife monitoring. As a part of COAT Tools, Eivind investigated how these cameras can enhance rodent monitoring. Thanks to this work, we are finally able to look inside the “black box” of monitoring small mammals in the winter in Arctic Tundra, from under the snow! Congratulations, Dr. Eivind!

Eivind, oponents and supervisors. Photo: Leif Einar Støvern

Dr. Eivind at the party. Photo: Leif Einar Støvern