Deployment of CO2 sensors

Published on: 28. August 2019

As a part of the project COAT-Tools we are collaborating with the department of computer science here at UiT. They are working on sensor technology that can help us collect the data we need in an efficient way.

Deployment of CO2 sensors

In Beginning of August, a COAT ecologist went to Varanger together with a PhD student in computer science to deploy CO2 sensors in 12 of the small mammal camera traps in one of our field-sites in Varanger peninsula. It has been hypothesized that warmer winter could lead to anoxic condition under the snow increasing small rodent mortality. Now we collect data to test this. These CO2 sensors are also equipped with technology to communicate data back to a server in Tromsø in real time. Therefore, if everything functions as we hope it will be exciting to follow this through the winter.