Vegetation fieldwork Varanger 2020

Published on: 13. October 2020

Vegetation monitoring was carried out in late July and early August in Komagdalen and Vestre Jakobselv on the Varanger peninsula. Besides the annual monitoring in heath and meadow sites, the fieldteam also conducted point intercept frequency in newly established heath sites further away from the productive river valleys.

Vegetation fieldwork Varanger 2020


It was also the first time that the whole monitoring in the herbivore exclusion experiment that was established in 2018 and 2019 in Vestre Jakobselv was carried out by the same team. This meant more point intercept frequency in all herbivore and large herbivore exclosures in meadow, heath and snowbed sites.

Although the work in the species rich and productive meadow plots can be sometimes tiring, the mood was very good thanks to a good team, very nice weather in Komagdalen, little rain and wind in Vestre Jakobselv, the new field station with a sauna and local beer from Qvænbrygg in Vadsø.